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What is physician service and is it available near me in the Chicago area?

Dr. Perlmuter Bob at Primary Care Medical Associates Ltd explains what the physician service is and it’s availability in the Chicago area

Dr. Robert Perlmuter provides care for patients “near me” in the Chicago area. His practice, Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD, offers a variety of services with an experienced physician. Patients are often excited to learn that they can speak with his team about obtaining physician services.


What is physician service?

Physician service with a concierge care doctor is medical service that can assist across specialties. Dr. Robert Perlmuter is well-versed in many areas of medicine to ensure patients can avoid excessive referrals to other doctors they do not already know or trust. Our professionals at Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD work with patients to provide the comprehensive care they deserve. It takes medical care one step further than anything available for patients in large scale hospitals and practices.


What are the benefits of physician services with a concierge doctor?

Dr. Robert Perlmuter and his team provide concierge service for a variety of reasons. It:

  • Is an affordable option for many of our patients
  • Allows patients to spend more time with their doctor for better diagnosis and treatment
  • Ensures quality care at every visit
  • Provides home care for patients who are homebound
  • Improves overall patient-doctor relationship

All patients who are seeking better quality care with an experienced doctor are encouraged to ask about concierge care and physician services available at Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD.


Why are physician services important?

Everyone should visit the doctor regularly not only when they are sick but also when they are healthy, for check-ups and to monitor their overall health and wellness over time. Physicals are a great way to look for signs of concerns while monitoring vitals such as blood pressure and sugar levels. Finding issues early enough for effective intervention is one way to maintain one’s health over the course of many years.


Interested in physician services with Dr. Robert Perlmuter?

Contact his practice, Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD, to discuss the benefits of physician services and concierge care with our team of professionals. His practice can be reached at (773) 786-9779 and he is located at 1460 North Halstead, Suite 202.


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