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Internist physician offers nonsurgical medical care to patients in Chicago, IL

Physician Internist in IL

Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter is board-certified in internal medicine. A physician of internal medicine or an internist specializes in the comprehensive medical care of adults. Internists receive training in a number of subspecialties making them optimal primary care physicians for adult patients.


Internists as primary care physicians

These physicians provide preventative services, diagnostics, and medical care to patients. Internists are not surgeons. Instead, they provide nonsurgical services such as physical exams, preventative care, immunizations, and acute and chronic medical care. Doctors of internal medicine are often selected as primary care physicians because of their intense and comprehensive training. They are qualified to diagnose and treat the full range of adult conditions and diseases, regardless how common or complex.


Comprehensive adult medical care

Internists may provide care for the following cases:

  • Urgent needs – Acute illnesses or minor injuries may come on quickly causing patients to seek medical attention. This may include fever, flu, sore throat, urinary tract infections, sprains, strains, or lacerations.
  • Chronic conditions – Chronic conditions may come on at any point in any adult’s life but continuous care is necessary. Examples of chronic conditions include allergies, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or depression.
  • Vaccinations – The guidelines for immunizations change from time to time but they are still part of preventative care. Flu shots and boosters are part of this category.
  • Men’s or women’s health needs – Men and women have different health needs and issues, especially with reproductive care.
  • Bone and joint problems – Joint problems may strike anyone at anytime. Adults over 50 are more prone to arthritis as well as bone and joint issues.
  • Geriatric care – Seniors have their own range of medical concerns including juggling multiple prescriptions, memory loss, and mobility issues.

Internists have specialized training and experience in each of these areas. The comprehensive focus on adult care makes them a popular choice as general internists.

Let Dr. Robert Perlmuter be your concierge provider for internal medicine. (773) 786-9779


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