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Medical concierge services provide top tier primary healthcare in Chicago, IL

Medical Concierge Services in IL

We are all entitled to quality, accessible, timely healthcare. Having access to your physician 24/7 via phone or having a doctor who makes house calls is no longer exclusively for celebrities or the elite. Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter offers medical concierge services.

Concierge or retainer medicine enables patients to have access to high quality care and services for a reasonable fee. Perks of this unique medical system include:

  • More immediate medical attention
  • Less wait time
  • Longer appointments


A different healthcare experience

Concierge medicine offers a different medical experience. Rather than waiting days or weeks for medical attention, appointments are available the same or next day. Sick patients are seen quickly but the chances of getting sick drop drastically as well. Concierge doctors are focused specifically on the patient making it possible to provide a range of preventative care as well as remedial care. Less chance of getting sick means fewer medications, unnecessary tests, and hospitalizations. The upfront fee ends up saving you money in the long run,

You may be used to only seeing a traditional family doctor for 15 minutes before being rushed out the door. Concierge physicians have longer appointment times so you have the time to discuss your concerns. This is possible because concierge doctors have fewer patients as a whole. They focus on quality individualized care to ensure the positive comprehensive care of each person.

While concierge physicians provide similar diagnostic services as a general internist, the difference lies in the quality of care and time spent with you. They may diagnose and treat common or complex conditions. You may also get advice on your lifestyle, nutrition, wellness, or general healthcare. The goal is to keep patients functioning at their best.


Your concierge physician

Dr. Perlmuter is a board-certified internist offering patient-centered concierge medical care. He provides quality care with a focus on overall health and wellness.

Make Dr. Robert Perlmuter your concierge medical provider. (773) 786-9779


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