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Chicago, IL residents discover the advantages of medical concierge services

Medical Concierge Services From Dr. Robert Perlmuter In Chicago Il

With the changes in the healthcare system, doctors and patients are searching for ways to improve care. One answer for many has been the turn to concierge medical services. Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter of Primary Care Medical Associates, Ltd. offers medical concierge services.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medical care involves a unique relationship and business model for doctors and patients. For a reasonable fee, patients receive a greater level of primary care services and high-quality care. The physician and patient both benefit from this individualized, patient-centered medical program.

Advantages of concierge medical care

Patients who have an ongoing positive relationship with their doctors often have better health and lower costs of care. With concierge medicine, that relationship is strengthened adding to the benefits of this model of medical care. There are many reasons patients are turning to concierge services including the following:

  • Less wait time for appointments
  • More one-on-one timefor open communication between doctor and patient
  • A doctor who is more accessible
  • Consistent, better access to medical records


Patient-centered care

One of the biggest advantages for doctors and patients is the patient-centered aspect of concierge medicine. Doctors have fewer patients in their practice but they spend more quality time with them. Appointments are longer than the average medical appointment, so patients have more time to discuss any problems or concerns. Appointment times are also easier to acquire. There is no need to wait weeks or months to see your doctor.
Dr. Perlmuter is Board-certified in internal medicine. He is committed to avoiding the need for invasive, unnecessary treatments and encouraging good nutrition and overall wellness.
Concierge medicine goes above and beyond to care for patients. Make Dr. Robert Perlmuter and Primary Care Medical Associates, Ltd. your concierge medical provider. (773) 786-9779
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