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Reasons adults in Chicago, IL are turning to internal medicine doctors

Dr. Robert Perlmuter Internal Medicine Doctors in Chicago IL

Have you ever wished you could go to one doctor for your health concerns? Also called internists, doctors of internal medicine specialize in adult medical care. Just as pediatricians focus on children, internists focus on adults. Dr. Robert Perlmuter of Primary Care Medical Associates is an internist providing concierge medical care to patients in the Chicago, IL area.

How do internal medicine doctors differ?

Doctors of internal medicine address the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Internists spend a minimum of three years of their medical and postgraduate training focusing upon adult care. From the minor and common to the complex and rare, internists cover the range of adult medical needs. Internists have even been considered the doctors’ doctors because they often act as consultants to other physicians for complex cases. Internal medicine doctors are the specialists in their field.

Benefits of seeing an internist

With the ability to diagnose and treat a range of adult conditions and diseases, patients are often electing internists as their primary care physicians. Advantages of seeing a doctor of internal medicine include:

  • Comprehensive care
  • The ability to diagnose and treat common and complex diseases
  • An understanding of not just physical health but mental health, women’s health, substance abuse, nutrition, and wellness
  • Coordinated carebetween specialists with open communication to keep all medical personnel informed
  • Lifelong care

Dr. Perlmuter is trained, experienced, and Board-certified in internal medicine. Patients benefit by being a part of his concierge practice. He is dedicated to the care of individual patients providing comprehensive care and turning them into lifelong patients. His focus on overall nutrition, health, and wellness helps to prevent illness.
Contact Dr. Robert Perlmuter to learn more about internal medicine. Make Primary Care Medical Associates, Ltd. your concierge medical provider. (773) 786-9779
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