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Cost of concierge medicine in Chicago, IL

concierge medicine comes with cost-effective benefits from chicago, il physician

Health care is ever changing but one thing is constant. Patients want quality medical services. Concierge medicine or direct primary care has developed to bring about top quality, patient-centered services. Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter provides concierge medicine at an affordable cost.

Concierge medicine puts patients first.

Concierge doctors offer the same services as a general internist. The physicians diagnose and treat common or complex conditions. The difference is that retainer medicine is a unique medical system in which patients pay a reasonable fee for higher quality care and services. This fee grants patients 24/7 access to their physician, longer appointments, and less wait time in an effort to create a more patient-centered approach.

Cost-effective benefits

The patient-centered focus of concierge medicine gives it a leg up over general practices. In many family practices, physicians only see their patients for a few minutes at a time, office hours are limited, and it can take days if not weeks to even make an appointment. Medical insurance is accepted to pay for your services but your retainer fee gives you better access to your physician.

Some of the benefits you receive with concierge care include:

  • 24/7 access to your physician via phone
  • Same or next day appointments
  • Longer appointment times and unhurried visits

Concierge medical patients often report a better relationship with their physician due to the additional one-on-one time and the familiarity with patient history. Patients also have fewer unnecessary trips to the emergency room thanks to the open communication with their doctor. The retainer fee is often less than what patients would pay in ER copays or unnecessary tests so it saves patients money.

Meet our concierge physician

Dr. Robert Perlmuter is board-certified in internal medicine. He provides patient-centered care with a focus on overall health and wellness. His commitment to individualized care gives his concierge patients an added medical benefit.

Make Dr. Robert Perlmuter your concierge medical provider. (773) 786-9779

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