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Enjoy a concierge doctor in Chicago, IL for internal medicine at Primary Care Medical Associates Ltd

Concierge Doctor Chicago

Patients in the Chicago, IL area who are interested in visiting a doctor of internal medicine are welcome to visit Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter at Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD. This concierge doctor is committed to providing extraordinary care to patients in the community, ensuring optimum preventative care, diagnostics, and treatment. Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter is an internist in the Chicago area, offering solutions as a doctor of internal medicine.


What is an internist?

Many patients are confused by the term “internist” and think it is related to an “internship.” However, internists have extended training and education to allow them to have the title of “doctor of internal medicine.” They have knowledge on a wide range of medical conditions and concerns, allowing them to provide a broad selection of services. Most internists practice as a primary care physician, and Dr. Perlmuter is our concierge physician.


Services provided by an internist

  • Preventative care – patients can work with Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter to maintain a healthy body. They can visit as needed for evaluations and check-ups, as well as annual examinations.
  • Diagnostics – the diagnosis of any condition often requires a physical evaluation as well as diagnostic testing to get an accurate diagnosis for any condition.
  • Treatment – once a diagnosis has been made, patients then work with their doctor to discuss possible treatment solutions available. This may include prescription medications or referral to a specialist.


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If you are interested in visiting a concierge doctor in Chicago, Illinois, we highly recommend contacting Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD today to speak with DR. Robert G. Perlmuter and his staff. His practice is conveniently located at 1460 N. Halsted, Suite 202 and new members can reach him for an appointment at (773) 786-9779. Connect with our staff today to learn about the benefits of working with an internist for concierge care!


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