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What is physician service and is it available near me in the Chicago area?

Dr. Perlmuter Bob at Primary Care Medical Associates Ltd explains what the physician service is and it’s availability in the Chicago area

Dr. Robert Perlmuter provides care for patients “near me” in the Chicago area. His practice, Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD, offers a variety of services with an experienced physician. Patients are often excited to learn that they can speak with his team about obtaining physician services.   What is physician service? Physician service with a concierge care doctor is medical service that can assist across specialties. Dr. Robert Perlmuter is well-versed in many areas of medicine to ensure patients can avoid excessive referrals to other doctors they do not already know or trust. Our professionals at Primary Care Medical Associates, … Continue reading

What is the cost of concierge care with a Chicago doctor?

Dr. Perlmuter Bob at Primary Care Medical Associates Ltd explains the cost of concierge care with a Chicago doctor

Patients who are looking for a doctor who provides healthcare the way it should be are encouraged to ask a doctor in the Chicago, Illinois area about the benefits of concierge care. Dr. Robert Perlmuter and his team at Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD proudly offers a variety of services to patients to ensure they have access to the best healthcare possible.   What is concierge care? Concierge care with Dr. Robert Perlmuter is accessible care that is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. There are several benefits to concierge care, including: Fewer delays Extended services Better coordination of care … Continue reading

If you are seeking the best internist for internal medicine, call Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD

Best Internist Chicago

At Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD, we understand the importance of a healthy body. We want patients to know their health and wellness matters. Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter is one of the best internists in the Chicago area, offering concierge services to new and existing patients.   What is an internist? An internist is not an individual taking an internship. Instead, it is a professional who has had years of experience in practicing internal medicine. Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter and his team work closely with patients to help them address many primary care concerns. He offers services just as a … Continue reading

Enjoy a concierge doctor in Chicago, IL for internal medicine at Primary Care Medical Associates Ltd

Concierge Doctor Chicago

Patients in the Chicago, IL area who are interested in visiting a doctor of internal medicine are welcome to visit Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter at Primary Care Medical Associates, LTD. This concierge doctor is committed to providing extraordinary care to patients in the community, ensuring optimum preventative care, diagnostics, and treatment. Dr. Robert G. Perlmuter is an internist in the Chicago area, offering solutions as a doctor of internal medicine.   What is an internist? Many patients are confused by the term “internist” and think it is related to an “internship.” However, internists have extended training and education to allow … Continue reading

Internist physician offers nonsurgical medical care to patients in Chicago, IL

Physician Internist in IL

Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter is board-certified in internal medicine. A physician of internal medicine or an internist specializes in the comprehensive medical care of adults. Internists receive training in a number of subspecialties making them optimal primary care physicians for adult patients.   Internists as primary care physicians These physicians provide preventative services, diagnostics, and medical care to patients. Internists are not surgeons. Instead, they provide nonsurgical services such as physical exams, preventative care, immunizations, and acute and chronic medical care. Doctors of internal medicine are often selected as primary care physicians because of their intense and … Continue reading

Medical concierge services provide top tier primary healthcare in Chicago, IL

Medical Concierge Services in IL

We are all entitled to quality, accessible, timely healthcare. Having access to your physician 24/7 via phone or having a doctor who makes house calls is no longer exclusively for celebrities or the elite. Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter offers medical concierge services. Concierge or retainer medicine enables patients to have access to high quality care and services for a reasonable fee. Perks of this unique medical system include: More immediate medical attention Less wait time Longer appointments   A different healthcare experience Concierge medicine offers a different medical experience. Rather than waiting days or weeks for medical … Continue reading

Make a Chicago, IL internist your general internist for managing and preventing illness

chicago, il internist physician helpes managing and preventing illness

Many patients do not want to maintain regular visits with a physician. What they do not understand is the relationship it establishes and the health benefits it creates by preventing or managing adult diseases. Dr. Robert Perlmuter of Primary Care Medical Associates is an internist who provides care to patients in the Chicago, IL area. An internist is your go-to physician. An internist specializes in adult health care and is responsible for knowing and understanding you and your health history. As your central physician, an internist communicates with any specialists, labs, or therapists you may see. He is knowledgeable about … Continue reading

Cost of concierge medicine in Chicago, IL

concierge medicine comes with cost-effective benefits from chicago, il physician

Health care is ever changing but one thing is constant. Patients want quality medical services. Concierge medicine or direct primary care has developed to bring about top quality, patient-centered services. Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter provides concierge medicine at an affordable cost. Concierge medicine puts patients first. Concierge doctors offer the same services as a general internist. The physicians diagnose and treat common or complex conditions. The difference is that retainer medicine is a unique medical system in which patients pay a reasonable fee for higher quality care and services. This fee grants patients 24/7 access to their … Continue reading

Chicago, IL residents discover the advantages of medical concierge services

Medical Concierge Services From Dr. Robert Perlmuter In Chicago Il

With the changes in the healthcare system, doctors and patients are searching for ways to improve care. One answer for many has been the turn to concierge medical services. Located in Chicago, IL, Dr. Robert Perlmuter of Primary Care Medical Associates, Ltd. offers medical concierge services.   What is concierge medicine? Concierge medical care involves a unique relationship and business model for doctors and patients. For a reasonable fee, patients receive a greater level of primary care services and high-quality care. The physician and patient both benefit from this individualized, patient-centered medical program.   Advantages of concierge medical care Patients … Continue reading

Reasons adults in Chicago, IL are turning to internal medicine doctors

Dr. Robert Perlmuter Internal Medicine Doctors in Chicago IL

Have you ever wished you could go to one doctor for your health concerns? Also called internists, doctors of internal medicine specialize in adult medical care. Just as pediatricians focus on children, internists focus on adults. Dr. Robert Perlmuter of Primary Care Medical Associates is an internist providing concierge medical care to patients in the Chicago, IL area.   How do internal medicine doctors differ? Doctors of internal medicine address the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Internists spend a minimum of three years of their medical and postgraduate training focusing upon adult care. From the minor and common to the … Continue reading